BRAINBLOODVOLUME is a short film based on the bizarre real-life experiment of Dutch librarian and medical student, Hugo Bart Huges. Set as a stylistic interpretation of events, the film follows his search for supreme enlightenment, the ultimate high – by way of the ancient art of trepanation.

Intriguing from the first shot and disturbingly fascinating. I cannot get it out of my head.
— J. Angie Johnson
Beautifully shot, wonderfully acted, visceral, and tense. Abstract and nonliteral, this film explores the plunge into obsession and self-mutilation without the didacticism and stale tropes which plague the mad scientist narrative.
— Nicholas Hauman
What a wonderfully creepy and terrifying film. The stylized look and camera work are amazing! This blew me away.
— Lars Johnson


John M. Carter
Marcus Jaeger
Konstantinos Nireas

Evan Golde
Robert Piel, Jonas Thielcke
Brittany-Renée Quinn
Leana Salvet
Gabrielė Sergejevaitė
Iryna Suniaieva
Lee Wagstaff
Rose Johansen
Johanne Lykke Poulsen


Director of Photography:

1st AD:
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Wardrobe Manager/Costume Design:
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Makeup/Special Effects:
Set Manager/Continuity:
Artistic Consultant:
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Konstantinos Nireas
Waltraud Jaeger
Gea Quinto
Alena Heyn
Ariadna del Carmen Kott
Linda Gegusch
Mateo Ward


Neighbor Woman
Shrouded Figure 1
Shrouded Figure 2
Shrouded Figure 3
Shrouded Figure 4
Hugo Stunt Double

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